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Sometimes, we tend to be more resistant to the idea that somebody we love may be an addict because we want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Still, maybe you’ve noticed some odd behaviors in a friend or loved one recently that have set off some red flags. Aside from physically seeing someone you know use cocaine, it’s nearly impossible to confirm that this individual is or is not using, unless you ask them directly. So how do you know when you’ve seen enough signs to enter in to this difficult discussion? While there is no one sign that can confirm your suspicions, there are a few characteristics of cocaine addicts that, when presented together, may be indicative of a cocaine addiction. Opposite of opioids and other depressant drugs, cocaine acts both as a stimulant and an appetite suppressor. This means that, when consumed, cocaine will make a person more active and less hungry. Being Methadone Rehabs accepting Aetna Policy a stimulant, cocaine will have an impact on an individual’s sleep habits, keeping them awake and moving. Over time, these effects from cocaine addiction can cause some pretty substantial weight loss. In fact, in just a few short months, it wouldn’t be out of the question for an addict to lose up to fifty pounds. Unless you can attribute this weight loss to an aggressive fitness plan, this unhealthy weight loss may be an indicator of cocaine addiction. As previously stated, cocaine is a stimulant, which often results in insomnia and hyperactivity. Cocaine addicts will typically have unusual sleep habits or behaviors, such as staying out all night or sleeping during odd hours. It’s also not uncommon for a cocaine addict to stay awake for multiple days at a time. If you’re suspicious that a friend or loved one may be using cocaine, be wary of the reasons they provide for being out late or exhibiting strange sleep cycles. They may come up with stories in an attempt to explain themselves, so cautiously look for holes or problems with their story. Let’s be honest: cocaine isn’t cheap, and an addict will have to dish out quite a bit of money to keep up with their habit. Take note of any trends of financial hardship which you are having a hard time understanding.

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how much is heroin in usa